Sunday, 6 May 2018

Sandtimer - Get On Your Skates

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Brother, learn from my mistakes. 
Don't stick around here for two and a half years, 
just get on your skates. 
That might seem like an obvious thing to say 
but there was no one to say that to me- 
I don't blame them but, hey, 
I'll be standing in the last car of the train. 

All's well that ends well, I guess. 
But it's a fixed race, hey, 
I'll save my breath for the next. 
I could stay awake, it does wonders for my health- 
we're stuck in circles 
trying to outrun ourselves. 
We're like wild geese getting lost in the rain.

from Mackerel, released December 1, 2016 
Robert Sword - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion 
Simon Thomas - Vocals, Guitar, Bass 

Written by Robert Sword 
Produced and arranged by Robert Sword and Simon Thomas 
Mixed by Giles Thomas 

Mastered by Terry Waker at Tonalex Mastering

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