Friday, 18 May 2018

On Your Way - East Mountian South

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Channell: Rachel Lauren
I hope he never hurts you like I know I hurt you
But I was undecided and it was all that I could do
But if he says he loves you like I know I loved you
Then there's a way to trust him, and I'll get over you

So let his heart surround you, and let his arms protect you
And hold you every morning the way that I could never do
Another life has blessed you, he wants the same as you do
So I must find the courage to send you on your way

All the nights reflecting in our chance connecting
Help me find the meaning in the life I had with you
I wish I'd heard when you said that your heart could not wait
But it was my decision to send you on your way....

I hope he loves you like I loved you, I hope he knows you like I do
'cause if he loves you like I love you, then I can send you on your way...

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