Sunday, 6 May 2018

Kyle McEvoy & Sunshine Recorder- Volume One

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Canal: Mr. Foxx Frequency
0:00- "Greylock"
3:25- "Cold Spring"
5:29- "Lansdowne"
9:16- "Aperture"
13:05- "Cora"
16:16- "Fader"
19:40- "Blind Spot"
23:06- "Coda"

Kyle McEvoy is an 23 year old multi-instrumentalist, songwriter & producer living in Kingston, NY. McEvoy is mostly known for his improvisational modern classical & ambient music, but also records under the moniker, The Field Tapes, a project dedicated to his folk music and unreleased demos. Kyle McEvoy & Sunshine Recorder -'Volume One' is Kyle's third full length album and it was released May 4th, 2018. You can find it for free listening on Soundcloud and Spotify, and for purchase/ download on Bandcamp.

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