Thursday, 24 May 2018

Indie Motivational

“Indie Motivational” is inspirational, adventure, rock, hope, alternative, dream, hope, wanderlust and achievement. This is a wide and bright mood track, the backing vocal with simple melody and rhythmic drum and climax at the chorus part.

Featuring Instruments :
Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Distortion Electric Guitar, Bass, Piano, Percussion instruments, Pad, hey voice.

Suitable for :
Motivational video, Inspirational video, typography video, sport video, adventure video, activities, corporate, travel, trip, cinematic, filmography, explanation, commercial, drama, TV, background music, film, travel, drone video, youtube, silde show, event and presentation projects.

Few variations of length and version

Flexible and easy for your editing, which is included 4 different length of version of this track.

1. Full Version (2:02)
2. Short Version (1:13)
3. 26s Version (0:26)
4. Instrumental Version (2:02)

The download package contained Mp3 and Wav file.

**This is a Royalty Free Music, it is free for personal listening.
if you want to use this music for your project, monetized video or commercial purpose,

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