Tuesday, 15 May 2018

FullSet - The Bright Side of the Moon

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Walking down this lonesome highway
The road is long and the nights are cold
The dream remains, which now is fading

Signs of ageing- so I'm told

I've seen the lights go down on Broadway
People lost in an endless wheel
I've heard the cries of a newborn baby
Her mother's tears on our TV screens

And we wonder where we're going
And we can't get there too soon
Never think about tomorrow
On the bright side of the moon

Through the dark we'll go on searching
For that bright eternal wheel
While we take what we can plunder
In the name of liberty

So is our conscience weighed, and often?
A drop of rain in an endless sea
Think about what wise men told us
We've only got one chance, you see

If we lose what we take for granted
If we build for the sake of stone
Burn the land in the name of progress
Will it end where we call home?

So if you're on this lonesome highway
The road is long and the nights are cold
Hold a dream for those who hope for
A better day than the one before.

FullSet perform "The Bright Side of the Moon" from their third studio album "Notes Between the Lines". This powerful song was composed by Ennis based singer/songwriter, Cyril O'Donoghue.

Filmed at the Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Band Members include:
Marianne Knight - Vocals/Flute
Michael Harrison - Fiddle
Janine Redmond - Button Accordion
Martino Vacca - Uilleann Pipes
Andy Meaney - Guitar
Eamonn Moloney - Bodhrán

Website: http://www.fullsetmusic.com

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