quinta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2018

Taj Mahal - Never Let You Go

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canal: Loryn Brett

Like the stars in the Hawaiian sky
Sweet honey, you know you shine
There's none brighter baby, in my eyes
I'm so happy that you're mine all mine
Your smile is my sunny day
Chasin' all my many troubles away
The way you kiss so tenderly
Don't you know you make my life complete
And when I'm far away
In some old distant land
I know I can hold on
Cos it won't be too long
Till I'm back in your arms
And ooh
Baby when you're close to me
Honey what you do to me
I'll never let you go
And ooh
Baby when it's late at night
You know I'm gonna hold you tight (/love you right)
I'll never let you go
Sugar when I'm on my fishing boat
You're the star that leads me safely home
Other honey just don't taste as sweet
You're my one and only queen bee
Cos your smile is my sunny day
Chasin all my troubles away
Baby with you standing by my side
I'm gonna be happy till the end of time
It only takes one glance into those pretty eyes
I know I can walk the line
You and me, we'll be just fine
With your hand in mine


Album Maestro

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